Wedding Floral Pricing

Wedding Personals

Bridal bouquets: $160-$300

Bridesmaids: $65-$80

Boutonnières: $12-$15

Corsages: $30-$35

Wedding Centerpieces

Low (glassware provided by bride or included in price): $50-$180

Tall (rental price included $10 for each tall glassware): $160-$250

Delivery and Setup

Our team will deliver up to two locations (getting ready location, church location, and reception venue). Our delivery and set up charge reflects 10-15% of your order total and is determined by the venue location and time/staff required for set up.

Teardown Charge

Same night teardown charges will be assessed according to venue location and time/staff required for teardown.

Payment Methods

We accept payments in the form of cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal (with a convience fee).